Spirit Guides ~ The Basics

What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is someone who has lived as a human on the earth plane, passed over to the other side and is now a pure spirit.

Your Guide’s job is to give you spiritual guidance and to help you with your psychic development and the evolution of your psychic power.

So Spirit Guides are spiritual teachers – and their function is to help, teach and guide you.

Your Spirit Guide may have lived on the Earth plane a very long time ago – sometimes many hundreds of years ago.

When someone passes into the spirit world, they stop looking like they did when they were on this earth. That’s because they are now pure energy.

When we are alive, that energy is thought of as our soul. Once we leave our earthly body behind, that energy is released.

One of most basic laws of science is the Law of the Conservation of Energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.

Spirit Guides are highly evolved energies who may appear to us in a physical form (usually in our minds’ eye rather than right in front of us) because that is how we would expect them to look.

Why you’re Given a Particular Spiritual Guide?

You’re teamed up with your Guide for a reason. Equally, they are put with you for a reason. In the beginning, those reasons may not be apparent but as the relationship between you and your Guide deepens, you’ll discover what they are.

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Can a Guide be a Loved One Who’s Passed Over?

There are differing versions of who your Spirit Guide may be, depending on what you read and what you choose to believe. Some say that your Spirit Guide may be a close family relative such as a much loved grandmother.

Although it is entirely possible for a grandparent who has passed over, to watch over you and for you to sense them nearby, it is not likely that your Spirit Guide is a recent grandparent. This is because it takes a while for departed sprits to reach the high vibration of a Guide.

For a Guide to be a relative, it is much more likely that they would be a relative from many generations ago. This could be a many-times-great grandmother, grandfather or other relative.

Most Spirit Guides are not related to you. This is not a drawback because you will build a caring relationship with your Guide  who wishes  only the highest and best for you.


Everyone Has a Spirit Guide

Even people who don’t believe in psychic phenomena have a Spirit Guide. They will probably never get to know them, or ask them for help – but they are there all the same. It seems a shame, doesn’t it? However, everyone walks their own path in this life and if a Guide is ignored, they will accept that and understand it far more than we ever will.

All through our lives, our Guides change over to meet our different needs or to help us with various lessons we need to learn. I visualise them as changing shifts or passing the baton in a relay race.

Spirit Guides are not the Same as Guardian Angels

People often get them mixed up. One reason for this is our common usage of the term “guardian angel.” This is often taken to mean someone who watches over you and keeps you safe – so it’s easy to assume that Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are the same.

Your Spirit Guide certainly watches over you and can offer you comfort, advice and warnings. However, your Guide will have been trained not to interfere with your free will or your life choices. I’m sure there are a lot of frustrated Guides! It’s just as well that they have learned patience…

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If you choose to do something that puts you in danger then your Guide may alert you to this by giving you a “gut” feeling or an intuitive feeling. How many people have chosen not to board an aircraft at the last minute – only for that plane to crash.

However, Guardian Angels are a different entity altogether.

The main difference between your Spirit Guide and your Guardian Angel is that your Guide once walked on the earth in human form. Your Guardian Angel never did. The energy of a Guardian Angel has a much higher vibration than your Guide’s energy – which, in turn, is much higher than yours.

Unlike your Guides, who can only warn you, Guardian Angels can swoop in and are reported to have physically shoved people out of the way of a potentially fatal incident at the very last minute.

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This is often how people discover their Angel and then become fascinated with psychic phenomena.

However, a word of caution. Please don’t think that it is safe to jump off a cliff because your Guardian Angel will catch you. Your life is already pre-destined and if it is your destiny to die jumping off that cliff, then your Guardian Angel cannot intervene. Angels can only save you when you have more to learn or more to do on this earth and when that out-of-control car speeding towards you is not pre-destined to stop you.

guardian angel with babyYou will have several Spirit Guides

but only one Guardian Angel

You will have a succession of Spirit Guides.

Some may hang around in the background for a very long time but most will pass in and out of your life as circumstances require.

However, your Guardian Angel has been with you since birth and will stay with you until you pass back into spirit.


unauthorised spirit guides keep outDo they watch us all the Time..? Even when…you know…*gulp*

If the thought of having someone with you 24/7/365 freaks you out, you may be reassured to know that they don’t watch over us every second. They would be quite bored if they did. And Spirit Guides are not voyeuristic (they’re far too spiritual for that) so you don’t ever need to feel embarrassed.

They are simply around us and come closer when we ask them to or we need them.

Do our Guides Ever Leave Us?

No. Even though they don’t watch over us all of the time, they are with us. It is believed that Spirit Guides are able to bi-locate. This means that they can be in two or maybe more – places at the same time.

Our minds are not able to comprehend this – just as we cannot comprehend that years can pass by in a single second.

A good example of this is when people have a near death experience, they often report that they saw every moment of their entire life go by in real time and yet when they return to their body, they find they had only ‘died’ for 4 or 5 seconds.

What’s In It for the Guide?

You could say that we are homework for our Guides. I like to think of it like that because it means that we are both helping each other.

Don’t forget that Spirit Guides are on their own journey. They are learning, just like we are – although they are way ahead of us.

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So the closer you can get to your Spirit Guide, the easier it will be for you to communicate with them via spiritual thoughts and the more help you can give them with their homework – and the closer they are to you, the more help they can give.

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