Have you met your Spirit Guide yet? Let’s look at some of the most common questions about Spirit Guides.

Why are Guides Always Native Americans or Ancient Chinese?

Is your Spirit Guide mischeviousMany people seem to think that Spirit Guides are very old and very wise. The answer to both of those questions is “Not aways.” They aren’t all like that – although some may be. That sounds like a major let-out but it really isn’t.

Not all Spirit Guides get the same amount of ‘homework’.

The very old and very wise ones have lived on the earth plane numerous times and have learned from the lessons they faced there. Each time you learn a lesson, you advance. So these wise old Guides know a thing or two. They have lived it and learned from it.

When you are first going through your spiritual awakening, it is common to get a Guide who is very advanced. This is so that you have someone who has the life experience and spiritual knowledge to give you the support you need at this special stage of your earthly life.

If you contact your Spirit Guide and find that you haven’t got an ancient Sioux Chief or an elderly Mandarin Doctor – don’t think that they are the wrong Guide for you. We are matched very carefully with our Guides to make sure that we – and the Guide – get the most out of the experience and the partnership.

And remember that even a Guide who isn’t an ancient Mandarin Doctor or a wizened Native American Shamen, is still thousands of times more advanced than we are. And that is what matters in the relationship.

Why Do Spirit Guides Have Odd Names like Running Bear or Chan?

It is common for a Spirit Guide to be Native American as they are very wise and spiritual peopleThe truth is that we are much more hung up on the name of our Spirit Guide than they are. Just as they show themselves in a human form that we can recognise, they give us a name that we can use for them (or they let us choose a name) simply because that is what we are used to.

The human appearance and name are all aimed at getting us to relax with our Guides so that we can work well together.

My first Spirit Guide was a Sioux Indian who died in 1548. He tried over and over again to tell me the name that he had in that incarnation on the Earth Plane. He was saying it in his own language and however hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it. I became really worried that he would leave me before we’d even got started but Spirit Guides are made of strong stuff. I think his homework at that time was to learn patience. He certainly would have got an A+ on that day.

Eventually, he gave up and told me to call him Fred.

Fred had a wonderful sense of humour (as you can tell) but could also be very firm. On one occasion, I was working with others to send a particularly stubborn spirit over to the other side. The spirit didn’t want to go and because of his fear, became slightly aggressive.

Fred suddenly let out a bloodcurdling howl and charged at the spirit. Although it was an impressive sight and it did the trick, it took a long time for my heart rate to go back to normal…thanks Fred.

What do Spirit Guides Look Like?

Many WWI Soldiers come back as a Spirit GuideIt’s worth saying here that not everyone sees their Spirit Guide. Guides are pure energy and often, that is how they manifest.

If you do see your Spirit Guide as a ‘full person’ it is usually in your mind’s eye rather than as a full manifestation in front of you. Whether you “see” them or simply feel their energy seems to depend on what you are most happy to accept. Your Guide wants you to be relaxed and happy so if you are comfortable just accepting their energy – that is how they will appear to you.

If you feel in the slightest bit worried about only feeling energy, then your Guide may choose to appear to you (again, usually in your mind’s eye) in human form as a Native American, Chinese or Egyptian. If they do, they will be dressed in the traditional garb for that person.

How Many Spirit Guides can a Person Have?

Some people claim to have one Guide who stays with them from birth to death but it is much more likely that this is their actually their Guardian Angel.

Throughout your life, you will always have at least one – and maybe multiple Spirit Guides with you but as we have seen, the Guides change over. This is thought to be because different Guides can help you with different stages of your development and learning. We have also identified that our relationship with our Guide is one of synergy.

This simply means that when you and your Spirit Guide work together, you are able to produce a better outcome than you would if you each worked alone.

Teamwork gets stronger results.

Why Do Some People Have Male Guides and Some Have Female Ones?

It is common for a Nun to be a spirit guide because they are often highly evolved spirituallyOnce you have shed your earthly body and become pure energy, as your Spirit Guide has, there is no longer any gender. We have all lived many lives on the Earth plane and have all experienced life as a both a male and a female.

Despite there being no gender, some energies are naturally more male or more female.

As far as we can understand, if you have more male energy than female energy, then your Guide will also have more male energy.

By the same token, if you have more female energy than male energy, your Guide will have more female energy.

This becomes more complicated if you are a girl or a woman who is a “tomboy.” If you are in a female body but your male energy is higher than your female energy, then your Guide may also have more male energy than female but may appear to you as a female – because you are in a female body.

Left Brain and Right Brain – Mars and Venus

There is also a school of thought that says you are given a Guide who has predominantly male or female energy, so that they can help you to work in the areas that may be holding you back from making progress.

Scientists have known for years that the brains of men and women are wired differently. Anyone who has read “Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray will understand this, not from a scientific point of view but from a personal one.

Your Guide will know if one side of your brain needs work in order to make you a more balanced individual. For example, the left side of the brain is used more for logical thinking and the right side is for more intuitive thinking.

It’s not surprising to find that men use their left brain more. So if you are male but need to develop your intuition, you may be given a Guide with more female energy who can help you to do that.

Equally, if you’re a woman who needs to be a little less emotional and need to work on using more logical judgement, then you may have a Guide with predominantly male energies to teach you how to improve in that area.

Can Guides ever Move Objects?

Guides have been known to move things, but this is  rare. Since they’re of such a high vibration, they can operate electrical items and because they are often mischevious, you may find that your lights flicker, your TV goes fuzzy or your stereo turns on or off when they are around.

The impressive part of this demonstation is that all of the above can be made to happen even if the appliance or light switch is turned off.

Can Guides Change our Life Path? 

We write our life’s chart with the help of a group of friends, helpers, and the “Council,” which is comprised of wise “master teachers,” all of whom help us map out our purpose. Then our spirit guide comes in to study with us and to help us as much as possible. So our guide won’t change our chart but they can help modify our chart, give solace during the pain, and often petition the Council to, let’s say, give us some light at the end of the tunnel. Think of our guides as trusted friends who unconditionally love us and go through everything with us, who encourage us, and who aren’t beyond giving us a gentle but effective kick in the backside.

Can Guides Heal?

Our guides can heal and help us mentally, but they always call on angels or even “spirit doctors” to assist us. Because they’re so advanced, the guides have the ability to call on any and all entities at their disposal.

It is not unusual for a monk to become a Spirit Guide as they are highly spiritually evolvedDo People Share Guides?

No, although guides can visit each other or get information from other guides. It is possible to tune into someone else’s guide but this is usually only done when more energy is needed for say, a reading, a healing or for sending an unwilling spirit ‘towards the light.”

More Spirit Guide FAQs

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