1. Night Terrors

It’s very common for children who have lived before to suffer the agonies of night terrors. These are awful for your child but awful for you too, as anxious (and probably exhausted) parents. If you hear your child cry during the night – all you want to do is protect them. To see them suffering in their sleep can make you feel helpless and terribly worried.

It’s important to be available for your child when they tell you about their horribly scary dream or nightmare. Initially, your child might be too upset to explain but just continue to be patient and eventually you will get to hear their story.

As parents, your initial reaction is likely to be “It’s alright – it was just a nasty dream.” And maybe it was. But if your child has the same dream and the same night terrors regularly, it’s important not to be too dismissive as this may cause your child to stop telling you what’s happening to them.

 2. Separation Anxietyrati

separation anxiety opt

Your child may react to their night terrors by asking to sleep with you. Many parents of children going through such traumatic nights, find that their child ends up in their bed most nights – so if you do let your child sleep with you – be sure that you can be in it for the long haul. Having them sleep with you one night but not another can increase their anxiety.

If your child normally attends nursery school or kindergarten, you may find that they become clingy and be unhappy – if not downright terrified – to let you leave them there. They might cry, cling to you or beg you to take them home.

This is less likely to manifest in school age children. Past life memories seem to fade as children enter school. It’s thought that this is due to their brain making room for all the things they now have to learn.

3. Talking to Invisible People

talking to invisible people

Does your child talk to someone who you can’t see? For many parents, this is the first clue that something unusual is happening…

You may have just put them to bed at night, closed the door and then hear a conversation going on – a one sided conversation where only your child speaks, as though talking to someone.

The saving grace of this phenomenon is that they are not usually frightened of the person that they are talking to and that person does appear to have their best interests at heart. These ‘invisible’ people are sometimes a sibling or friend from your child’s past life, or a deceased family member such as a grandparent or other older relative who they were close to.

Sometimes, you may hear your child laughing with this person or you may find them out of bed and playing.

Again, don’t be dismissive if your child tells you about their new friend. You may get more information if you just ask them casually who they were talking to.

As long as your child is happy and comfortable with this – the advice is to let it go and just be relieved that your child is not in any discomfort or emotional distress. However, if your child appears scared or starts to avoid bedtime, you may need to ask some searching questions about this visitor. If you suspect anything harmful in any way, it’s best to contact a local Paranormal Group or Investigator, who can find out more, and if necessary, cleanse and bless your home.

4. Telling you Details of Their Previous Life

This can be quite disconcerting. Your child may be quite ‘matter of fact’ about details of their past life. I clearly remember the time that my daughter told me that “Mummy Helen wore an orange t-shirt.” As my name is not Helen and I’ve never possessed an orange t-shirt, this came as quite a shock.

I’ll talk more about the specific details that they may tell you, later on.

5. Talking About Looking Down at You From Heaven

Your child may tell you that they looked down from Heaven and chose you to be their Mother. You may find this eerie, unbelievable, astonishing, weird – or completely overwhelming, moving and poignant.

I say ‘Mother’ because this statement is usually made about the child’s Mother rather than their Father. We’re not sure why this is but it does seem to be a general pattern.

6. Talking About When They Talked to God

Again, this can come as quite a shock! This is often mentioned at the same time as the ‘looking down and choosing’ statement.

Your child may be matter-of-fact but many parents report that even very young children appear to have an appreciation of a great figure who they love and respect and who loves them unconditionally.

 7. Talking About Previous Siblings as if You Know Them

This is extremely common in reincarnated children. They may speak about their brothers and sisters from the past and then become frustrated if you don’t appear to understand this. Children can become quite scornful at your lack of comprehension or simply clam up and not wish to speak about it further.

beautiful little girl with long hair

Progress can be made here by listening to what they are telling you and encouraging them to elaborate.

The same goes for number 8.

8. Talking About Their ‘Other’ Parents and Grandparents

past life familyYour child may recount stories about what they did with their ‘other’ parents and grandparents in the past.

These memories (like the sibling memories) may appear dear to your child and they may talk about these times with great affection.

Occasionally, a child may become tearful and say that they miss their past life family.

Try not to take this as a slight on you and their current grandparents. In your child’s view, it’s quite natural to miss these people and they don’t mean any judgement in what they say. 

They are simply sad not to see these people any more.

9. Drawing Pictures of Past People or Past Events

Children may start remembering their past lives when they are very young – often when they first start to talk in full sentences. If they find it hard to verbalise their memories or night terrors, you may find that they draw them instead.

These may be happy pictures such as family groups – images of their past parents, sibling, grandparents or friends. Some children draw their houses or scenes that they remember.

reincarnated children may draw disturbing images10. Being Obsessed With a Topic 

The flip side of drawing happy family groups is that your child may draw disturbing pictures, using dark colours, lots of scribbles or use symbolism that they may or may not explain to you. 

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common clues that your child is remembering a past life. 

They may draw the same pictures over and over again – either exactly the same image of variations of it. 

Although your child may seem completely calm when drawing these, you may find them upsetting particularly because they often show your child’s view of how they died in their past life. 

Children have been known to draw aeroplanes crashing, fires, wars or even scenes of their murder. 

If you are upset, try not to show it and ask your child to tell you more about what they are drawing. 

These obsessions may also show themselves in how your child plays or what they play with. They may start to search for pictures that resonate with them or toys (such as toy cars, planes or guns) that they can use to act out their past memories. 

11. Knowledge of a Different Language

This is one of the less common manifestations of a child remembering their past life but it does happen so it’s as well to be aware of it.

Children very rarely speak in another language but they do show an understanding of odd words and phrases that they could not possibly know in any other way.

12. Being a Loner at School or Kindergarten 

reincarnated children may be lonersAs already mentioned, your child’s memories will probably fade as soon as they start school – but if they take a while to do so, it can lead to a feeling of ‘otherness’, of being different, of not being understood and feeling apart from everyone else. 

This may show up in a more pronounced way in Nursery School or Kindergarten. Children naturally play together in groups but your child may prefer to play alone. This could be because they feel ‘older’ than their peers and find them boring or childish. 

Which leads us onto number 13… 

reincarnated children may hit milestones early

13. Hitting Milestones Early

This is very common.

Children who have lived before, appear to have carried various skills with them into this life.

For instance, they often walk, talk and dress themselves much earlier than the expected age for doing such things.

When they begin to talk, it’s often in full sentences with a large vocabulary. They may also talk in a scornful way that displays an understanding of context way beyond their years.

They may also have an early and well developed sense of self.

This may show itself in the clothes they choose to wear – as well as the clothes they flat out refuse to wear.

Some little girls are able to apply make up in a skilful way, paint their nails without any help or arrange their hair perfectly – despite their young age.

Little boys have been known to want to wear old fashioned clothes such as braces (suspenders), mens’ shoes instead of trainers and even flat caps. Some have also requested hair cream to flatten their hair down.

This also manifests itself as number 14…

14. Not Needing to be Taught Basic Safety OR Being Terrified

scared little boyJust as they appear to remember skills ahead of natural milestones, reincarnated children often have an inbuilt knowledge of how to stay safe.

This can show itself in an almost comical ‘old head on young shoulders’. They may even appear disdainful of your efforts to teach them what they already consider to be basic knowledge.

This could be shown in behaviours such as not sticking their fingers in electrical sockets, not leaving toys around as trip hazards, crossing the road safely, using knives safely or not putting themselves in harms way by climbing trees or jumping off high walls.

By the same token, they may display terrified alarm at some activities which they consider horribly dangerous and a threat to their actual existence.

For example, a child who died in a fire would show absolute terror if forced to sit near one.

Some children become hysterical if faced with fireworks because the loud bangs remind them of the guns going off in the war that they died in.

A child that drowned may be terrified of water.

If you can engage your child enough to explain their fear to you, it may be possible to work through it with patience, love and constant support.

15. Being Withdrawn at Times

I’ve left this one until last on purpose. Having read all of these clues, it may come as no surprise that there are times when your child just wants to be left alone.

This could be due to them feeling overwhelmed by their memories. Or they might just want to remember their past life quietly, on their own.

They may also feel isolated from their ‘now’ family at times. And their peers may leave them feeling frustrated and old beyond their years.

reincarnated children need me time

As a parent, faced with all of this chaos, you probably feel as if you could do with some time out too.

Watch for signs that your child just wants some alone time and where possible, let them have it.

They won’t want to talk about their past life all of the time. They won’t want to think about it all of the time. And at night, they certainly don’t want the night terrors that are all too common.

The Bottom Line

For you, as a parent, this is a very hard time. You may witness your child in a terrified state – both asleep and awake.

You may feel slighted by their apparent love for their past family.

You may feel worried or even irritated by their apparent obsession with death, dying and the past rather than the present.

You may feel helpless and not know how to deal with your child’s apparent memories and feelings towards them.

Just carry on being your child’s parent. They will get through this and so will you.

If you can be open minded enough to entertain the fact that your child may have lived before, then you have taken the first important step to supporting them through this mystifying and rather miraculous thing that is happening to your whole family.

Try to accept what your child is telling you and don’t dismiss it as ‘just a dream’, ‘just an invisible friend’, ‘just a childish obsession that will pass’ or just something that your child has dreamed up as a method of attention seeking.

Parents know their children best and you will know if what you are witnessing is real.

Love, acceptance and support are mostly what is needed here. If you can give those three things to your child, then you will all get through this experience and maybe even come to view it as the miracle it truly is.

I wish you love and light on your journey together.

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