Guardian Angels for Beginners

Guardian Angels

We all have a Guardian Angel, whether we want one or not.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Angels or you don’t – they believe in you and they want to help you.

From the moment you’re born, until you take your last breath on this earth, your Guardian Angel stays with you to make sure that you’re safe and guided in the right direction. 

Your Guardian Angel loves you totally and unconditionally.

Isn’t that a lovely thought?
Here’s a poem that I was inspired to write.

Guardian Angel poem by Mary Collings

Is a Guardian Angel the same as a Spirit Guide?

This is what my poor, despairing Guardian Angel probably looks like - Guardian Angels - PsychicStudent.comNo. Some people think that their Guardian Angel is their Spirit Guide but this is not the case.

The biggest difference is that Spirit Guides have lived as humans on the earth plane. Guardian Angels never have.

Guardian Angels work on a very high vibration. Spirit Guides work on a vibration that is lower and us lowly humans are even lower.

This is why, when you’re developing your psychic power, you learn to make your own energy vibrate much higher.

This makes it easier for you to communicate with your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels.

How they Work with Us

Spirit Guides have been trained not to make choices or decisions for us. They are also not allowed to interfere with our own free will.

Guardian Angels are there to love and protect us. However, they can only protect us if something is threatening our predestined future. So, for instance, if we are in a bad car wreck but it is not our time to go, Guardian Angels can – and do – intervene to protect us. It isn’t unusual to see terrible wrecks that should have killed any occupant but they walked away without a scratch.

Kaleb Whitby’s Amazing Escape

Car crushed between two lorries
Kaleb Whitby in wreckage of his car

Do you remember seeing pictures back in January of a pick up truck so flattened by two big rigs that it seemed impossible that anyone could surive it?

Kaleb Whitby, 27, was pictured staring calmly from the mangled wreckage of his Chevy Silverado pickup truck after two semi-trucks smashed into each other on the I-84 in Oregon with him in the middle.  The photo was taken by another truck driver involved in the 50-driver pileup, which left 18-wheelers sprawled across the icy freeway outside Baker City, Oregon.

Kim walked away from the wreck and just needed a band aid for a cut on his finger. He returned home to his pregnant wife and baby son.

He now says it is not down to luck that he survived, but God’s plan, and is sure to say ‘thank you’ more often.

Angel and Spirit Guide Auras

Clairvoyants and people who can see Auras, report that a Spirit Guide’s aura is often a blue white whereas a Guardian Angels is bright white.

spirit guide and angel auras

Asking your Guardian Angel for Help

Parking Angel at workYour Angel or Guardian Angel will come to you as soon as you call for them.

We often think that calling them is an imposition. How can we possibly need help when we have fresh water to drink and a roof over our heads?

Angels don’t see it like that. They are always overjoyed to come when we call.

It’s hard for us to understand but Angels can be in more than one place at once, helping several people at the same time.

They are not bound by our time or space because they are completely spiritual beings of divine light.

And yes, they are great at finding parking spaces (try it!) and happy to give us abundance if that is what we ask them for.

How do you know if

an Angel has Visited You?

Angels often leave a white feather as a calling card - Guardian Angels -

 One fairly common calling card is a white feather. You might find one in your house, on your desk, in your car or somewhere where there have definitely been no white birds lately.

Angels have a great sense of fun and also love coincidences and serendipity. One of the first things that you will learn as you develop your psychic abilities is that there is no such thing as coincidence. Maybe you had a choice to make and suddenly a helpful ‘door’ opened to show you the way – or you suddenly had a wonderful idea of how to move forward. These are all examples of Angels at work.

You may also feel a presence – as if you are no longer alone in a room. The temperature around you may suddenly drop or become warmer. The air may feel thicker and heavier. You may smell a lovely scent which appears and is then gone just as quickly. All of these can apply to Angel visitations as well as spirit visitations.

call archangel michael for help

Do we get Visited by Archangels?

Yes. If you need very strong assistance, you can call on an Archangel.

Sometimes, in everyday life, we encounter lower energies and if you suspect this, you should immediately call on the Archangel Michael to help and protect you. As soon as you ask for this, a barrier will be placed around you for protection.

This is why it is very good practice to offer up a prayer asking for protection before undertaking any psychic work. Doing this gives you the immediate protection of white light and ensures that only the highest and the best is allowed anywhere near you.

Archangels are the next spiritual beings up the celestial ladder from Guardian Angels. Their job is to supervise Guardian Angels and Angels but they drop everything at a moment’s notice to come if we call them.

The Pope talks about Guardian Angels

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that I’m not really a religious type of gal. There are takeaways from a lot of religions – like a pick’n’mix of faiths – but I’m much, much more into the spiritual.

However…when the Religious Leader of 1.25 billion Catholics (almost 20% of the world population) talks about Guardian Angels, I’m all over it.

Even though he has to talk about them every 2nd October because it’s the

…Mass for the feast of the Guardian Angels

Radio Vatican City logo

2nd October 2015, Vatican City Radio (CNA/EWTN News) reported that the Pope urged people to listen to their Guardian Angels.

“May we ask the Lord for the grace of this meekness, to listen to the voice of this companion (Guardian Angel), to this ambassador from God who accompanies us in His name and may we be supported by his help.”

He went on to explain that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, God could have left them to fend for themselves.

Instead, as an act of love and mercy, he sent an Angel to go with them to guide and protect them.

Pope Francis said that the same is true for us today.

“Even when we feel alone or think that we can “hide so many things from God,” our Guardian Angels are by our sides, guiding us and trying to show us the right path.

It’s like having God’s ambassador with us. In addition, the Lord advises us: ‘Respect his presence!’ And when we, for example, commit a sin and believe that we’re on our own, no – the Guardian Angel is there.

Although we cannot see our Angels, we can listen to them and heed their advice.

Show respect for (the Angel’s) presence. Listen to his voice because he gives us advice. When we hear that inspiration “But do this – this is better” we should listen! Do not go against him (the Angel).

The Christian must be meek when it comes to the Holy Spirit. Meekness towards the Holy Spirit begins with this yielding to the advice given by this companion on our journey.”

He closed by saying that we must “ask the Lord for the grace of this meekness, to listen to the voice of this companion” who is a sign of God’s love for us.

The Pope says that Guardian Angels Exist

In last years celebration of Mass for the feast of the Guardian Angels, Pope Francis said that Guardian Angels exist and people who listen to their advice are less likely to make the wrong decisions. He said –

“The doctrine on Angels is not fantasist. No, it’s reality. According to church tradition we all have an Angel with us, who protects us and helps us understand things.”

Pope Francis

The message that we humans are right to believe that we get help from otherworldly guardians was in sharp contrast to former Pope Benedict’s insistence in 2012 that Angels did not sing at the birth of Christ. Um…how did he know? Was he there? Oh – the reincarnation possibilities are mind blowing.

Needless to say, Pope Benedict’s opinion did not go down well and earned him the title of the “killjoy pope”.

I have to say that it’s lovely to have such a smiley Pope now. Pope Francis looks like a lot of fun. But I digress…

Pope Francis asked –

“How often have we heard ‘I should do this, I should not do this, that’s not right, be careful …’. So often! It is the voice of our travelling companion.”

The pope advised sceptics to ask themselves:

“How is my relationship with my guardian angel? Do I listen to him? Do I say good morning to him? Do I ask him to watch over me when I sleep?

No one journeys alone and no one should think that they are alone.”

Do Angels Walk Among Us?

Many people believe that Guardian Angels mingle with us humans. That’s why I love this fabulous image.

Guardian Angels watch over us -

The Bible certainly seems to think that our Angels take on human form to help us out. Hebrews 13:2 reminds us…

Forget not to show love unto strangers –

for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares.

I’d love to hear from you about your encounters with Guardian Angels – both your own Guardian Angel and strangers…

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