10 of the Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Ghost Photo : Mabel’s Mother in the Back Seat

ghost in the backseat of a car

The famous photograph above was taken in 1959 by Mable Chinnery. Mable had just visited her mother’s grave and when she returned to the car, she took this photograph of her husband who was sitting in the driver’s seat. When the photo was developed, it showed Mabel’s mother sitting in the back. She was not visible when the photo was taken.

Ghost Photo : Robed Figure in Hampton Court Palace Courtyard

Ghostly Robed figure in doorway of Hampton Court Palace England

In late December of 2003, CCTV cameras caught strange events in a Courtyard at Hampton Court Palace, England.  On three consecutive days, a set of fire doors flew open with some force. On the second day a ghostly figure appeared and closed them. In the photo above, a robed figure can been seen standing in the doorway.

Hampton Court Palace UK built in 1514 for Cardinal Wolsey is reputedly very haunted

Hampton Court Palace is in Richmond upon Thames, London. It was built in 1514 as a home for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. Henry wanted his marriage to Catherine of Aragon to be annulled so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. When Wolsey failed to get the annullment, Henry was furious. He took over Hampton Court, made it bigger and used it as one of his residences.  His ghost – and the ghosts of some of his wives – are said to haunt the Palace. Numerous sightings have been reported by both visitors and Palace Staff.

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Ghost Photo : The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Ghost photograph of the lady of Raynham Hall England

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk in England is one of the most famous ghost photographs. It was taken on 19th September 1936 by Captain Hubert C Provand. Provand and his assistant, Indre Shira were taking pictures of the Hall for the December issue of ‘Country Life’ Magazine. Provand was at the foot of the main staircase, under the protective cloth at the back of the camera. He had already taken one photograph and was getting ready to take a second one. Suddenly, Shira saw the figure of a lady coming down the stairs and he called to Provand to take a photo immediately. Provand hastily removed the lens cover and took the photo which, when developed, appeared to show a ghostly figure.

Country Life magazine published the photograph in their December 16th 1936 issue together with the accounts of both Provand and Shira.

Lady Dorothy Walpole the Brown Lady who is said to haunt Raynham Hall Norfolk England

Raynham Hall Norfolk home of Dorothy Walpole who is said to be the Brown Lady who haunts it

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is reputed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686–1726), sister of the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, Robert Walpole. Dorothy was the second wife of Charles Townshend but he was known to be a violent man and it was not a happy marriage. Dorothy had an affair with Lord Wharton and it is said that the wronged Contess of Wharton extracted revenge on Dorothy by inviting her to visit. She knew that Townshend had just found out about his wife’s adultery and just as she had planned, he reacted to the invitation by locking Dorothy in her room at Raynham Hall. Dorothy died at the Hall in 1726 from smallpox.

Many people have seen the Brown Lady on the main staircase and in the bedrooms. These sightings are most common when people are going to bed. Some have woken in the middle of the night and seen her standing in their rooms.

The ghost has been seen prior to tragic events and deaths related to the Townsend Family. During an evening Dinner Party, many guests reported seeing the Brown Lady. The following morning, news of George Walpole’s death reached the Hall. Walpole had apparently died at the same time as the Brown Lady was seen.

Ghost Photo : Figure in Mary King’s Close

Ghost photo taken at Mary Kings Close Edinburgh

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland is alledgedly one of the most haunted places in the UK. The photo above was taken by a Tour Guide after the underground complex had been closed for the night.

The warren of underground streets of Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh where people lived in the 17th Century

Mary King’s Close was originally many narrow streets underground in Edinburgh, Scotland. Some of the houses were originally seven storeys high. In the 17th Century, Alexander King owned many houses in the Close and it was named after his daughter. Even then, the Close had a reputation for being haunted.

The close lay buried under the Royal Exchange building for many years. Not surprisingly, it became the stuff of urban legend, myths and ghost stories. It was opened to the public in 2003 and is now a hugely popular tourist venue.

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Ghost Photo : Woman on Tombstone in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

famous ghost picture of girl sitting on a tombstone in bachelors grove cemetery midlothian scotland

A famous ghost picture of a woman sitting on a gravestone in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois. The photograph was taken on August 10th, 1991 during a paranormal investigation by the Ghost Research Society. During the investigation, the team’s equipment picked up electromagnetic anomalies. Mari Huff managed to take this photo using high-speed monochromatic film. The woman appears to be wearing a very old fashioned burial shroud and areas of her lower legs seem to be transparent. What makes this one so unusual is that it was taken in broad daylight.

Ghost Photo : Freddy Jackson in RAF Squad Photograph

Is this the ghost of Freddy Jackson peering over the shoulder of a fellow airman

Freddy Jackson was a mechanic for the Royal Air Force. He was working when he was killed in a horrible accident with the propeller of an aeroplane. Two days later, his colleagues lined up for a squad photograph. When it was developed, a man could be seen peering over the shoulder of an airman in the back row. Several of the men knew Freddy well and confirmed that it was his face in the picture.

Ghost Photo : Robed Figure Ascending The Tulip Staircase

Ghost photo of robed figure ascending the Tulip Staircase at the Martime Museum in Greenwich London

In 1966, a retired clergyman named Rev. Ralph Hardy was visiting the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, England. He took a photograph of the ‘Tulip Staircase’ and when it was developed, he was shocked to see a robed figure. Photographic experts (including some from Kodak) examined the original negative and declared that it had not been changed or tampered with. People have reported seeing ghostly figures and hearing inexplicable footsteps at the Maritime Museum for many years.

National Maritime Museum Greenwich London where the photo of the robed figure on the Tulip Staircase was photographed

Ghost Photo : Lord Combermere in the Library

Ghost photo of Lord Combermere in the library of Combermere Abbey taken during his funeral which was taking place four miles away

When Sybell Corbet took this photograph, all of the Staff of Combermere Abbey were four miles away, attending the funeral of their deceased employer, Lord Combermore.

Sybell set up her camera with its shutter open for fifteen minutes / one hour (reports vary) in the library and when the plate was developed, it appeared to show the upper body and head of a man sitting in a chair. Many of the Abbey Staff said that the figure looked like Lord Combermere – and it was sitting in his favourite chair.

Sir William Barrett, who investigated the case and reported on the photograph in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (December 1895), was not satisfied. He wondered if a servant might have come into the library and sat in the chair during the hour that the shutter was open. To test his theory, he was able to take a photograph that was almost a duplicate of the original.

However, the matter didn’t end there. In 1917, Sir William Barrett wrote a book called On the Threshold of the Unseen. He described how he had received a letter from Lord Combermere’s daughter-in-law regarding the ‘ghost’ photograph. She said “The face was always too indistinct to be quite convincing to me, though some of his children had no doubt at all of the identity. I may add, none of the menservants in the house closely resembled the figure and were all young men who were all attending the funeral.”

Combermere Abbey

Combermere Abbey is on the borders of Cheshire and Shropshire. It was founded by Cistercian monks in 1133 and later became the Seat of Sir George Cotton KT, Vice Chamberlain to the household of Prince Edward, son of Henry VII.

Visit the Official Combermere Abbey Website

Ghost Photo : Corroboree Rock, Alice Springs, Australia

Ghost photo taken at Corroboree Rock Alice Springs Australia in 1959

This famous and rather beautiful ghost photograph was taken in 1959 by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, Australia. Rev. Blance claimed that there was nobody around when he snapped the picture. He took it in an area where it is alleged that Aborigine tribesmen participated in horrifying ceremonies. It would be relatively easy to fake this photo today but when it was taken in 1959, there was no software available for manipulating images. The picture has been studied and analysed by photographic experts and skeptics but there is still no logical explanation for the misty figure.

Ghost Photo : The Grey Lady in Willard Library

Ghost caught on Willard Library Ghost Cam

The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is extremely well known for being haunted. In 1937, a night Janitor went into the basement at 3am to stoke the furnace. He was shocked to see an “all grey” lady who was so clear that he could make out her grey shoes and grey veil. The poor man got such a fright that he dropped his flashlight. He quit his job shortly after that. The Grey Lady was last reportedly seen on August 10th 2010 in the basement hallway by the Assistant Children’s Librarian.

The library website is home to four live webcams that refresh every minute. You can watch the live webcams in the Children’s Room, the Basement Hall or the Research Room (where the image above was captured).

There is also a Ghost Forum.

Visit the Willard Library Website