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77 Types of Healing

Welcome to the Psychic Student Healing Hub. It’s a comprehensive list of the alternative forms of healing and the types of healers that are available. You may be surprised by how many they are – I was!

They’re in alphabetical order and there’s a short description of each.

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What is an Angel?

An Angel is a supernatural being who protects and guides humans. The word ‘Angel’ comes from a mixture of Old English word engel (hard g) and an Old French word angele. Both engel and angele are derived from the Latin word angelus – which means messenger.

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It is estimated that more people now believe in reincarnation than don’t believe in it. In Europe and the United States, between 20 and 30% of people now believe in life after death. The general concept is held by many religions but there are significant difference in what people believe.
Here’s a look at how various religions view reincarnation.

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Spirit Guides : The Basics

Even if you havn’t met your Spirit Guide yet, he or she is helping you all the time. Your Spirit Guide is someone who has lived many lives on this earth plane and has attained such spiritual progression that they now stay in spirit. They have the job of giving you spiritual guidance and helping you with your psychic development and the evolution of your psychic power. Find out more about your new BFF.

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10 of the Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

A famous ghost picture of a woman sitting on a gravestone in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois. The woman appears to be wearing a very old fashioned burial shroud and areas of her lower legs seem to be transparent. What makes this one so unusual is that it was taken in broad daylight. Check out more amazing photos…

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