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About Me and You…


About Me – the Psychic Teacher

Hi - I'm Mary Collings

Hi – I’m Mary. Welcome to Psychic Student 🙂

It’s taken a while to get to this point. Along the way – here’s what happened. The ‘psychic bits’ are in blue.

I qualified as a Registered Nurse at the Nightingale School of Nursing, St Thomas’ Hospital, London – and worked there as a Staff Nurse for a year.

I qualified as a Registered Sick Childrens’ Nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street – and worked there as a Staff Nurse on the Neonatal Cardiothoracic ITU for 18 months.

I nursed my Father at home until he died of Cancer when I was 24.

I was given messages from him by my Nursing Tutor at Great Ormond Street – who just happened to be a Medium.

On his advice, I went to the Spiritualist Association in Belgrave Square, London. There just happened to be an opening in Ivy Northage’s Development Circle. I sat in her circle every week for six months.

Left Nursing – took an Executive Secretarial Diploma and got a job as Personal Assistant to the Beauty Editor of Woman’s Own Magazine.

Got married and had two wonderful children (now both living their own lives). Husband left us – I was on my own with the children for three years and then…

I met my soulmate, Phil, at a Meditation Group.

We got together after a fortnight, he moved in a few days later and proposed to me that week.

We worked for 18 months on an American Psychic Website. For anyone who might remember us, I was Geophilis and Phil was Rywyn.

I taught Meditation, Past Lives, Spirit Guides and Candles. Phil taught Astral Travel, Native American Wisdom and Herbology.

It was while I was working on that site that I first had the idea for a website especially for people who are new to psychic stuff.

We moved up to the Outer Hebrides with the children and got married in Stornoway. I did a variety of jobs then started to work from home as a freelance writer.

I started a website called Newbie Psychic but couldn’t seem to get it right.

Then – I took a Certified Spirit Medium course with the wonderful James Van Praagh and learned so much – about Mediumship and about teaching.

The next step was Psychic Student.

About You – the Psychic Students

Why include an About You section?

Because this site is all about you.

It’s all about helping you to embrace your psychic powers. That’s why it’s called Psychic Student.

I believe that a true leader empowers others. I want to give you power and while I am trying to make a living with this site, I will only ever do that by offering you the best ideas and the most easy-to-understand and yet in-depth content that will help you to grow and progress.

I honestly believe that helping others is the path to living my life in a meaningful way. I always try to respond to every comment that you leave and every Tweet that I get – and I would love to develop friendships with as many of you as possible.

My dream is for this site to have the best community on the internet. Over the coming months, there will be more resources coming to achieve that aim. In the meantime, please leave plenty of comments and interact in a helpful and loving way.

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